Aquarium cleaning

A clean, healthy aquarium that you can sit back and enjoy is my goal. I can tailor a maintenance schedule to suit your aquarium and it's needs.

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Regular maintenance

 The best way to keep an aquarium looking at it's best is regular maintenance. I can perform the essential tasks of cleaning filters, carrying out partial water changes and hoovering the detritus out of the aquarium gravel.


I can remove algae from the aquarium glass and the worst of it from the ornaments and other decor. 

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One-off clean

If your aquarium is in desperate need of some TLC then I can provide a more thorough clean to get you back on track with your maintenance routine. 


I can also look at the underlying cause of any green water/algae issues within the aquarium.

Aquarium moves and fish feeding

Moving your aquarium


If you are moving house then you already have a lot on your mind. Why not let someone else take the worry out of how to move the aquarium whilst keeping the inhabitants safe?


I have moved a variety of aquariums for local customers including coldwater, tropical and marine stock. The distance you are moving will affect the assistance that I can give, as longer distances will mean that the fish may need additional care.


I can also help move the aquarium if you are having new flooring fitted and then return to put it back pride of place when the work is done.


Fish Feeding


If you have had a bad experience with friend or neighbour feeding your fish while away or you would just prefer to leave that job to a professional then I can help.


I offer a feeding service that can be tailored to your needs and feeding regimen. This will include filter and heater checks to ensure that nothing has failed and, in the event of a failure, I can replace the equipment as needed. (Please note that such costs would be added to your bill on your return; I would contact you if possible during your absence to let you know if such expenses apply). I can also perform a water change while you are away so that you return to a sparkling aquarium.