About me

Warrener aquatics is run by Simon Warrener


Following a career of 18 years managing local aquatics shops, I took the decision to  become self-employed. During my career, I have built up a wealth of knowledge around tank and pond maintenance and dealing with livestock such as tropical fish, marine and coldwater set-ups. A major part of my job was helping customers overcome problems within their aquarium or pond, aiming for customers to leave with a solution to their problem.  


The problems we encountered were frequent and varied and included helping fish survive a variety of disasters from alcohol poisoning to power failures.


It soon became clear that some customers were a little unsure of what they needed to do next, and wanted someone else to step in. This is where I can help.


I have a thorough knowledge of aquarium filtration, lighting systems and the requirements of a huge selecion of tropical fish and marine livestock.


I have cared for thousands of tropical fish, marine fish and coldwater fish in my previous job and I can also look after yours.









''Simon has created the most beautiful marine aquarium for me. His knowledge of fish-keeping is awe-inspiring and the technical aspects, about which I knew nothing, have been managed expertly and cost-effectively.

With Simon's guidance I have avoided novice mistakes which could have proved costly both to me and the fish! He is an endless source of information and a lovely chap; thoroughly recommended!'

Lesley Sullivan (Hove)