Pond Services


I enjoy working on my customers' ponds; there is something deeply satisfying about finishing a job and seeing how much of an improvement I have made. 

Here's a 'before' photo - I'm just waiting to get the'after' shot...

Pond services offered


Pond clean out

  • removing the silt and debris from the pond

  • Trimming back and repotting the marginal plants, oxygenating plants and water lilies

  • placing the fish in an aerated holding tank whilst the work is carried out

  • cleaning the pond liner 

  • cleaning the pond filter and pump

  • Conditioning the tapwater when refilling the pond



Filter and pump clean

  • cleaning the filter sponges and bio media

  • checking the hose clips and hoses are fitted correctly

cleaning the impellor and pump body to remove sediment or plant debris



Pump and filter installation

  • advice on selecting the correct size of pump and filter

  • fitting the pump and filter in the correct situation



Repotting service

  • trimming back excess rootstock 

  • thinning plants out 

  • trimming foliage 

  • repotting marginal plants using hessian, gravel and aquatic compost

  • repotting oxygenating plants and water lillies



Encouraging wildlife

  • advice on choosing the right marginal plants to encourage wildlife

  • selecting native oxygenating plants and native marginal plants

  • advice on choosing the right location for the pond in the garden or how to make it's current location more favourable



Problem solving

  • green water problems resolved

  • blanket weed removal and treatment

  • water testing service

  • fish health advice

  • advice on suitable plant and fish for the pond